Kajuru castle in two words -fun and adventurous.

Globe Jaunters in two words organized and prompt.

Morning train ride

Obviously, I was anticipating the day because I did not believe there was a castle in Nigeria even after I had seen pictures.

The Train from Abuja to Kaduna was scheduled to leave at 7a.m.I got my wake up call from Globe Jaunters at 5:30 a.m ( I was pained but I couldn’t afford to miss the train plus no refunds). We got to the train station and received our customized Globe Jaunters Bags with breakfast inside and our train tickets.

I got the Red one

The train actually left on time (Color me shocked), some people were left behind (trust Nigerians)  and we settled into our cabin. I Made some new friends on the train while gisting and dancing to the music. The train ride to Rijana train station took 1hr 55 mins. We got down at the station to take a bus to Kajuru town which is in kaduna as well.

Kajuru castle located on a hill, was the most beautiful thing I have seen in a while. It was amazing.

Just Chilling…

We walked up the little hill to the castle and the beauty scenery was gorgeous.  Been the adventurous lady that I am, we went hiking and had an amazing side view of the  castle.

Me, taking in the beautiful environment

We wrote our names on the rock and went back for a delicious meal and cold orijin drink( unofficial sponsors LOL)

We were not high…

After a lovely and hilarious game of “never have I ever” I jumped into the pool and cooled down.


Thank you Globe Jaunters for giving me a fun filled day.


Please find below a nice picture of myself for no obvious reason..

Me, Myself and I

Catch me at the next kajuru castle – Feb 25th, 2017. Limited slots available.

There is free wilson’s juice…LOL

Thank you.

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