The Controversial Travel Insurance

Hello Guys,
Here’s what you missed on Globe Jaunters this past month.

1. We now offer services for the Canadian Express Entry process (full services from the first step till you are on your way to Canada) & Advisory services (a simple surcharge for advice every step of the way).

The Canadian express entry process is a point based system where you are awarded points according to your IELTS score, work & school experience, family in Canada, etc in order to access your eligibility to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Basically, using your past & present circumstances to judge if you can become a permanent resident of Canada. If you are eligible and pass all the steps, you are given Permanent Residency and can relocate to Canada with your family.

2. You can now order your travel insurance via our website which is kinda why we are here today – to educate you on the importance of travel insurance.

3. We are speaking at the Tourism Virtual Summit (An online summit with loads of speakers speaking about tourism) on the VISA APPLICATION PROCESS FOR NIGERIAN CITIZENS. We truly spoke our mind on this one and you might want to tune in on the 30th of September (its online). keep your ears on the ground for the link.

Most people start with the ‘WHATS’ but in this case, the “WHY’ is more important in order to spark your interest.

In our “covered with the blood of Jesus” society today, travel insurance is totally overlooked. In fact, Nigeria has one of the lowest insurance claims in the world which is funny because we see on social media how people talk about the ridiculous prices they pay for EMERGENCY surgery abroad.
Asides from being an important requirement for visa applications, its major function is coverage against emergencies up to a certain amount (depending on the coverage you pick) when these emergencies happen abroad.

If the insured gets sick abroad as a result of sudden change in weather or is involved in an accident and requires emergency treatment, you don’t have to pay anything up to the amount stated on your insurance asides the deductible.

For example, a typical insurance looks like this;

The above means you will be covered up to the amount less the deductible fee. So the insurance pays 30 000 Euros with a 50 Euros deductible (which you pay).

If any of the above happens abroad, at the base of every insurance (at least the ones we issue), there is a box at the bottom with some information and a number to call.
Most times, the number will advise the insured on possible hospitals to visit where their insurance is accepted. Most insurance companies have registered hospitals all over the world.
If the insured is unconscious when admitted, all you need to do is show the hospital your insurance and follow next steps.

This seems easy right? Right. But every insurance claim must stem from injuries/ailments/emergencies that only happened when you landed in the said country or airborne to said country. If it is ‘proved’ that your situation was pre-existing before you arrived, your claim will be DENIED.

Travel insurance also covers the cost of transporting the corpse of the insured to their home country in cases of death. (Insert God forbid here).

It is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accidents and other losses incurred while traveling or while on a trip.
Some policies offer lower and higher medical-expense options; the higher ones are mainly for countries that have high medical costs such as the United States.

Medical treatment including transportation to the medical facility, cancellation, curtailment & trip interruption, death, bodily injury, illness, disease or pregnancy complications, compulsory quarantine, jury service, being called as a witness, termination of employment (provided you didn’t know about it before you booked the holiday), evacuation, lost or stolen baggage, travel delays due to weather, ETC.

Pre-existing medical conditions, unlicensed operation of a vehicle, elective surgery, drug use, reckless behavior including engaging in some sporting activities.

1. Insurance does not cover pre-existing ailments.
2. Always buy 1 day before & 14 days after your actual travel date incase you decide to extend your trip or in case of emergencies.
3. Never let your elderly parents travel without insurance. Whether we like it or not, they are more susceptible to EMERGENCIES. (Insert God forbid here or “its not our portion”). It is usually More expensive to cover people over 65 years of age but totally worth it.
4. If you are pregnant, it is unwise & unsafe to travel without insurance. Please note that your insurance will only cover EMERGENCIES as pregnancy is not an illness.
5.If you have been traveling without insurance for your kids, STOP IT NOW.
6. If you travel often, it is cheaper to buy the yearly package.
7. No, we cannot backdate the insurance you didn’t buy before you left Nigeria so you can make a claim. Sorry, Not sorry.

We are “CLAIMERS”. We make claims for damaged bags, delayed flights, cancelled flights, poor services. We even offer our “free” services to friends who have issues getting paid for the above nuisances. Some people may call it “trouble-making”, we call it “GETTING THA JOB DONE” which leaves everybody happy yea? YES!

That’s all you need to know about insurance and we truly hope you stop going abroad without protecting yourself.

Special thanks to Gbolahan Teluwo for the very useful information.

Featured image Photo credit: Google


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