The Visa Clinic: My schengen visa experience 

I woke up very early that day. I had prepared all my documents a day before.

Hotel booking ✅, Flight reservation  ✅, visa application form ✅, Insurance ✅. I was good to go or so I thought 💭..

I approached the french embassy and walked on with my 32 teeth on full blast. I greeted everyone, I mean everyone. Even the ones that didn’t answer me,they deserved greeting.

The consular was a bit touchy that day. He asked all of us to move our chair behind a straight line ( what’s all these nonsense I thought in my head). Hei God, I am supposed to behave o, it was my first schengen visa application.

The Indian family of six were next. Mr Consuler looked at them and said something and they all walked out in a hurry. I was already shaking because I was next and this family had pissed him off. 

It was finally my turn, I greeted them in bonjour , smiling like a christmas goat.

She checked all my documents and ticked them off on her snobbish list (At this point,I was like “Thank you Jesus “).

As she handed me the POS machine to pay, Mr consular came to where was not even his jurisdiction and asked for my passport photograph, I gave him sheepishly.

And in a swift second , he flared “I don’t like this passport”. 😒🤔🤔

In my mind, I was like “Is it your face?” , “thats how my face is”. He handed me all my documents and said go home.

I was shocked beyond words because my passport was the right specification.

Apparently Mr consular was in a bad mood and so my visa application was delayed.

In our previous post, The Visa clinic we mentioned that visa applications are at the full discretion of the visa issuing official.

So, don’t take it personal sometimes; you have the right to ;

1. Ask why your visa application was denied.

2. Ask what you can do better if you need to re-apply .

What is your craziest visa experience? Share with us


5 Replies to “The Visa Clinic: My schengen visa experience ”

  1. Wow, that is crazy. Yet to have any crazy visa application experience.

    My schegen visa was gotten in India and the woman didn’t even ask me any unnecessary question.


  2. I was once detained in Dar es Salam for insisting that i dont need to buy another visa!

    I had a valid visa purchased 3 weeks earlier.some experience!!


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