My Croatian Experience by Jennifer

Before I start, I’ll warn you that this won’t be an “I love Croatia” type of post. After travelling through 5 neighbouring countries, by the time I got to Croatia, my last stop of the trip, I was pretty much ready to go home. So forgive me if I’m a little bit harsh on the place (I’ll try my best to be impartial)!

I’ll start with things I hated most;
1. The Crowds! – Who knew Croatia could be so rowdy?. I could not get over how ‘touristy’ I felt.
2.Sky High prices – 
For almost a month,  I had been enjoying eating full dinners plus wine for about £5 per meal, I had almost exhausted my budget but that’s okay cause I was almost at the end of the journey, and I land in Croatia, expecting to pay slightly higher than what I was originally paying in the previous countries, and the prices were like London prices??? I thought that maybe I could go home with some of my budget still unused but I quickly learnt to abandon that notion; and just go ahead and enjoy the glamour of the country.

{An octopus salad. Literally the size of my head. If you order a salad don’t expect a little side dish. Their salads are whole meals!}

I was doing a group tour so everything was already planned and paid for in terms of transport and accommodation, so on the day I arrived in Split-Dalmitisko, I stayed there for the whole time on Vagabundo Beach (it’s a beach town so there isn’t much to do apart from explore the beach and the restaurants it offers and admire the boats ) remembering it now, its not actually as boring as it sounds. The boats were kind of cool!

And I took buses into the neighbouring towns of Trogir and Split on various days.

It was boiling hot on the beach, the sand would scald you if you walked barefoot on it and I got so many mosquito bites  but the next day I took the bus into Split which was amazing and I did some solo sightseeing.
If you’ve never travelled solo, I definitely recommend it, especially if you’re a person that likes your own company (like myself).  And even if you’re not, you can definitely meet locals and other travellers who you can bond with –I met an amazing person in Brazil who I went on to travel to Argentina and Paraguay with, and I’ve met so many other great people on my travels who I’m now friends with!

On the good side of this Country, Croatia has some really interesting, medieval-looking architecture. The castles are so pretty, I wish I could see more of them (there are over 11, which is pretty impressive for a country comprised of islands).
There’s so much to see, make sure you get all the food, some iced coffee and some amazing Instagram pictures (and tag me! I wanna show some love on your pics).

{Fyi  – if you go to Split castle and take a picture with these guards, be sure to tip them.  Just because Croatian prices are high, doesn’t mean the salaries are}

Trogir was a bit more interesting and less packed with tourists than Split was, so I enjoyed it a lot more as it felt more authentic and the architecture was even more beautiful. I’d definitely recommend Trogir over Split.

{Kula Sv. Marka – St Mark’s Tower}

So let’s talk about travelling here while black. You know… since this is a Nigerian blog.


But it could get a bit overwhelming having people stare at you while you’re just minding your business or while you’re solo. But I know they meant no harm and I didn’t fear for my safety. It was more that I felt a bit awkward.


It’s truly beautiful. Every sunset was breathtaking and I would recommend it (maybe not more than its neighbouring, less tourist-y countries but I’d still recommend it.
One note, don’t just strive to go in the summer, but make sure it’s not raining when you go! Apparently 2 days before I arrived, it was pouring, storming with rain and was quite unpleasant (This was like the middle/end of June)!

So that’s my experience of Croatia. Thank you all for getting to end of this! If you have any feedback or you just want to chat to me, feel free to message me, my Instagram is @jenniferada_ and I’d love to hear from you.



GLOBE JAUNTERS NOTE: There is no visa information on here because Jennifer took the trip from London and does not use a Nigerian passport.

We hope you will forgive Croatia for beating Nigeria in the World cup and pay a visit to this small beautiful country.



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