Hello Everyone,

This post is very past due because we have had tons of requests for this process even though we do not process it so we decided to share with our fellow Nigerians how to PROPERLY migrate to Canada on the Express entry route.

We always advise our clients that the proper way is always the best way especially now that every country is tightening its ropes on emigration.
In our expert opinion, if you do not have the capacity or patience to apply through the express entry route or you have difficulties in getting a visa, please try African countries with very strong passports. You can settle there and find your way to the ‘promised land’.

Below are the steps to apply for the express entry process simplified for your use;

1. Register & take the British Council IELTS test – English language proficiency test which costs about 75,000 NGN. The General training module is what you should take. find more on .

2. Have your foreign credentials evaluated this is basically converting your Nigerian degree to a Canadian equivalent. You can do this using WES (World Education Services) for 220$ plus delivery.

3. Determine your National occupation classification Canada is asking for a particular type pf work experience (Management, Professional,technical jobs & skilled trades).To qualify,your work experience must fall under the above.

4. Determine your eligibility by using this tool . You will only get near perfect answers when you have done steps 1,2 & 3.

5. If the tool above determines you are eligible, you can begin to build your Express entry profile. You can do that following this link and submit your application.

6. After submitting,you will get an express entry profile number and a job seeker validation code. Now, your application will be entered into a pool with other applicants and assessed using a ranking system.

6b. The summary is that you are assigned points for every information you out when building your get more points for a better IELTS score, having Canadian immediate relatives and good work experience & education.

7. only if your score meets the lowest score that is set by immigration during a periodic draw will you be given an invitation to apply. I.E if the lowest score set is 450 and your score is 445,you will not be given an ITA.

For more info on the candidate pool, For more info on the ranking system For more info on invitation to apply

8. You must register with a job bank unless you already have a valid job offer or nomination for permanent residence from a Canadian provincial government. Your profile will be deleted if you don’t.

8b. You will get more points if you have a valid job offer or nomination from a province. You will also get more points if you have a child who is a Canadian citizen.

9. You will need to show proof that you have enough money when you apply to immigrate to Canada depending on the number of your family members (FM).
1FM(12,300$), 2FM(15,312$), 3FM(18,825$), 4FM(22,856$), 5FM(25,923$), 6FM(29,236$),ETC.

You can find more information on the above   All info stated here is from experience & the website below.

If you need further information on this, please email  us.

We trust this helps.

Bukie Dow



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