The FAQ’s of Visa Applications

By now, you should have heard that the United States is cutting its visa approvals by 10%. This means that if 1000 people apply in a year, only 900 people will get visas.
This was passed two weeks ago because Nigerians are passing through the US (A border in New York) to seek asylum in Canada. See more

The implication of the above is that Nigerians who have good intentions to travel to the United States will have to work twice as hard to convince visa officials they can be issued a visa. It is important now more than ever to have a qualified visa consultant look through your application before rushing to submit it.

As you already know, Globe Jaunters Nigeria is an expert Visa consulting company with a 98% success rate. We handle visas to the UK, US, Canada, South Africa, Dubai, Vietnam, Schengen States, etc.

We provide the necessary support you need for a visa application to the extent of even filling out your visa forms.

In light of the above, we have drawn up some questions that can help you with your application. If you have further questions, email us for a consultation at or call 08099977200 9am- 4pm from Monday – Friday.

  1. Do I necessarily have to show payslips from work when I am applying for a visa? It is always safer to show payslips from work as it gives some authenticity as to how you get your income that reflects in your bank account. If you do not have payslips, ask your company if you can make one and have them sign it. If not, your letter of introduction from work & company ID card will suffice.
  2. How many months worth of Bank statement should I submit? While most embassies will specify what they want, a 6 months bank statement is always required. This does not mean the money for your travel should be untouched for 6 months, it is just a means to track your Inflow & Outflow. However, the money to cover your trip should be available in the account you are submitting if you are sponsoring yourself.
  3. Is being an unmarried male an advantage or disadvantage? Remember how we spoke about ties and how having a spouse is a tie? This does not mean you are disadvantaged as an unmarried male. If you have other ties or a good paying job, there is no reason you will not get a visa.
  4. Do I need proof of consent from my spouse that is not applying with me? we have heard so many stories of people saying only women are stopped and asked for this letter. We would like to use this medium to declare this Untrue & False. Both parties are asked for this letter especially when travelling with a child or when a travelling parent is bearing a different name from that of the child (Too many cases of child trafficking by relations even). 
    People who have been married for long hardly require this letter especially when they have good travel history.
    If you are engaged, you should write a fiance consent letter because it will help boost your application (tried & tested).
  5. What is the best way to relocate? Canada does an Express entry program, you can find more application on it here express entry.
    However, you can email us for a consultation on more options.

If you have any other questions you would like us to answer, please follow us on twitter & Instagram or email us on

See you next week.

Bukie Dow

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