Why you are not getting a Visa – Who can/cannot apply for a visa

The visa clinic which holds every Friday is designed to give you first hand information on how visas work. If you are looking to study abroad, visit as a tourist or conduct business in another country, tune in every Friday.
If you have had visa refusals in the past, don’t fret because everything can be worked on.

We hold sessions of the visa clinic on twitter, Facebook & Instagram but the FULL gist is always here.
If you missed last week’s topic, you can read it here How to avoid various traps the visa Interviewer sets for you.

On this topic, we have to tell it as it is because we get loads of emails and direct messages daily asking about visas to many countries for business, tourism or medical purposes.
While we can just take your money and tell you what you want to hear, we would rather not because we are aware of the disadvantages visa refusals can cause you.

If you are not aware of the consequences of visa refusals, I can hint you – Refusals MAY REDUCE your chances of getting a visa to another country. However, most people can be redeemed if they have an experienced visa consultant to help them through – after paying of course.

You can assess if you are qualified to apply for a visa using what we call AFRIT.


You are qualified for a visa if;
1. You have a steady source of income that is evident in your bank statement e.g. salaries or commission A.K.A inflow and outflow. This means you should  have MORE than enough funds to cover your trip- If your trip is going to cost you 500,000 NGN , you should have nothing less than 550,000 NGN in your account especially as a first-timer.  You can calculate this by adding up your transportation (flight & inter city movement) + feeding + living expenses to give you the least amount that should be in your account.

If you cannot afford to sponsor yourself on a trip, you can ask someone who has the funds to give you a sponsorship letter proving that they are CAPABLE of sponsoring your trip and WHY they are doing so.

2. You should be employed, running a business or a  student with evidence to show for it.

  • If you are an employee, you will need to show payslips or a letter of introduction from your company.
  • If you own a company, you need to provide your company registration documents showing that you are a director or partner and a signatory to the company account.
  • As a student, you will need a letter of introduction from your school as well as your school ID card.

3. You should have  a TANGIBLE idea on where you intend to stay on your trip. This could be a hotel or the home of the person who is willing to send you an invitation letter.

If you are visiting a country as a tourist with he intention to stay in a hotel, you would not be needing an invitation letter.
However, if you intend to stay with family or friends, they would need to send you an invitation letter.

4. You can read up on ties here Why you CAN and SHOULD ask questions during a visa interview

5. You should have a valid reason to travel. This will help narrow down all you need to do before you put in an application.

In summary, If you do not have the above, YOU CANNOT APPLY FOR A VISA !

Till Next week,



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