How to avoid various traps the visa Interviewer sets for you

If you want to ace that visa interview, like the Bible tells us ” Be aware of the devices of the interviewer, be very mindful of the tactics of the visa issuing officer. They will do anything to make sure no aspect is left untouched in their quest to drill you for every & any information they can get.

Today,we will be tackling some of the questions that visa issuing officers ask to shake your confidence and render you powerless.  We will show you how best to answer these questions thus building your confidence.

It is important to read  last week’s post – Why you CAN and SHOULD ask questions during a visa interview. because it sets the foundation for this one. We can all agree that we need to impress the interviewer and the only way to do this is by CONVINCING HIM/HER THAT YOU HAVE TIES BACK HOME.

What are ties? Ties are simply anything that gives you GOOD & VALID reason to return to your  home country. E.g Properties, Land, A registered company, Children, Spouses and good travel history.

A job is not a tie because you are just an employee. An unregistered business is not a tie as there is no documented evidence that you own it, use it or have an income from it.


Always answer as you would if this was a job interview. If you are a doctor, state clearly that you are a doctor while describing your daily activities. This is classified as a trap because the interviewer has looked through your visa application form and has seen that you have filled “Doctor” in the occupation segment. He/She just wants to be sure that you are actually a doctor. Do not automatically become a lab technician or a dealer in spare parts as you will be judged based on what is filled in the form.

Trying to describe more than 1 source of income other than what you have stated in the form makes you sound dishonest and most times result in the negative.                                                                                                                                                

Interviewer: What do you do ma?

You: I am a hair dresser but I am also into sales of palm oil ⊗⊗⊗

You: I am a child hair dresser. I have a salon where I offer hair services for children aged 2-10. I also train younger girls in the art of hair dressing. √√√√

TRAP 2: WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU DO?   I know you are thinking,” didn’t they just ask me that?”, that is why this post is called VARIOUS TRAPS TO AVOID not HOW TO ANSWER QUESTIONS CORRECTLY.

This question is usually asked after you have answered question 1. You should politely answer this question thus –> ” I said I am Hair dresser that specializes in children’s hair, I run /work in a salon and we train young girls in hairdressing too”.  Please, just repeat everything you said in trap 1 because what the interviewer is looking  for is “consistency”. He/she wants you to lie or say something else.

If you find yourself in this situation,repeat yourself and possibly add more information to what you have already said, POLITELY. It is always advisable to throw in some voluntary work –> “we train young girls in hair dressing” is charitable and important in every visa interview. Funny questions like “So you don’t do adult hair, why?”, you should make light of the situation and say “Children’s hair bring more money and its easier to please them”. 


While booking your visa appointment, you are asked if you are travelling with anyone, stick to what you filled initially on your visa appointment form. If you have filled out “travelling alone” on your form and plans have changed, be sure to let the interviewer know that at the time of submission, you had not made concrete plans.                                       

Interviewer: Are you travelling alone?

You: No I am not, I am travelling with my wife.

Interviewer: But from your form here with me, you have stated you will be travelling alone.

You: Actually, at the time I filled out this form, I had not made concrete plans because we weren’t sure my wife would have time off. We have still not made any concrete plans but there is a possibility she will be travelling with me.


It is absolutely legal to give birth in the US. As long as you have the necessary documents and adequate funds in your account.

If you are pregnant and obviously showing, please state that you are pregnant. If you earn adequate income or have support from family and friends, make sure to tell the interviewer that although you don’t earn as much, you have funds from family and friends to help with your baby.                                         .

As a First time US visa applicant applying to give birth in the US, choose the visa category B1/B2 and sub-category B2 (medicals fall under this category).


You are not hearing double. You just convinced the old lady that you are not going to give birth and she is still asking you annoying questions.                                                  

Its simple, explain to him/her “ I said I am not pregnant”.

If you are pregnant, repeat yourself ” Yes, I intend to give birth at saint Monica’s , New York. My doctor, Dr Smith and I have been in communication since July and he has conferenced my doctor here in Nigeria explaining my situation. I have money set aside and have paid 1000$ in deposit. I have set aside 10,000 $ for the birth of my child and I also have 3000$ in emergency funds.


Till next week,


Bukie Dow

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  1. Hello there, I recently got denied a us visa actually yesterday for a cruise I was really hoping to go on forge 11th of may. Lost cause to ‘re apply right?


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