Incase you are just joining the band wagon, we are GLOBE JAUNTERS NIGERIA – A visa and travel/tour consulting firm in ABUJA, NIGERIA.

We have toured Usuma Dam-Abuja, Gurara Waterfalls -Niger state, Kajuru Castle – Kaduna, Yankari Game Reserve -Bauchi, Cape Coast & Accra – Ghana, Zanzibar- Tanzania, Dubai -UAE, Atlanta/Tennesee/Florida -USA and we are going to Kajuru Castle AGAIN come Sat, June 24th June  !

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Rani is popularly known as Raniola by his friends – A professional photographer (bye bye to paying photographers on any tour ). He shoots weddings, portraits and fashion. You can check out (not stalk and steal pictures) on or check him out on Instagram @raniola.

@raniola – Instagram


  1. How did you hear about Globe Jaunters Nigeria? I heard about it through my girlfriend (He has girlfriend o), she always wanted to go to Yankari Game Reserve and somehow she came across the Globe Jaunters Package deal on Instagram. 

    Thank you Bae

2. Are you a travel junkie? if yes, please list out places you have visited in the world–  Not necessarily – although I’ve travelled to quite a few countries over the years – South Africa, Belgium,Dubai, France,UK, Ghana. I would like to visit all the continents one day and take pictures of all my journeys (Laughing in bank account)

3. what is your favourite place to be?Hmmm…I really loved Johannesburg because of the wide variety of sights to visit, and the food(especially steak) South African steak is so tender.

4. How many states have you visited in Nigeria? Ogun, Ekiti, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja,Lagos & Bauchi (Of Course).

5. How safe did you feel paying for the Yankari tour to people you had never met?  Very safe (BE MORE LIKE RANI)

6.When did you first hear about yankari game reserve?Through my bae (BAE 1- 0 SOCIAL MEDIA )

7. How was the bus ride to Yankari? It was quite a long one – 8 hours, thought it would be shorter for some reason. I was quite anxious to get it over with. It was my first time travelling by road in Northern Nigeria so it was refreshing looking at the beautiful landscape in the region. We went through Plateau state and saw the famous Jos Town. Do you know NASCO cornflakes is manufactured there? well, Now you know.


The journey started at 7:30 am. We got breakfast and an itinerary for the day. We also got a breakfast menu to pick out what we wanted for the next couple of days.

Best Believe this changed a billion times…because we are
yum yum !

Next was introductions and what made you special. And then we got to pick a secret friend to exchange gifts with at the bonfire.

We get to Bauchi and I am getting ready to get off the bus to behold the wonders of Yankari but 1 -2 hrs later, all I see is cows and dry grass and no sign of Yankari game Reserve (Somebody lied).

Our passports get stamped (I have dual citizenship now) and after a long whirlwind of pee stops, few snores here and there, TA DAAA Yankari at last…or so we thought. Took us another 30 mins to get to accommodation from the first gate, UUGGHHH !

8. were you excited to meet new friends or you just wanted to get this over with? YES YES YES.

9.We heard you had series of troubles with the agbero gang aka the baboons, can you tell us in detail how this happened , lolLol, no comment. The baboons at the game reserve tried to chase me because I had biscuits and another time because I guess they felt threatened by my fine boy face presence.



Does this Baboon look threatened? 

What else happened on your trip? The next day was a tour of the reserve, The museum at the reserve  and Safari (I pretty much figured there were no lions because of the wagons we used). we spotted some animals and sang songs, it was a really cool and bumpy ride.

We also visited Marshall caves that is man made, yea yea we believe you sir.

Next, we went for a swim (AKA PHOTOSHOOT) at Wikki Warm Springs which is also located in the reserve. The water is clean, really warm and unbelievably blue under water.


BAE !!!!

We then rested and went for the BON fire night. After lighting the bon fire, we had loads of drinks and played games. it was at this point that we exchanged gifts with our secret friend. (Dress code was white on denim, hehe)

Next day was time to leave for Bauchi town to see the Emir. The journey seemed shorter this time but the heat! Good Lord.


We visited the tomb of Late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and the history surrounding it.

Next, we were off to see the Emir of Bauchi. Unfortunately, He was not around but we got to explore his beautiful palace.

This was not scary at all



In conclusion, It was such a needed mini vacation, and really affordable. I loved the friendliness and professionalism of the Globe Jaunters team too ; WE GOT BREAKFAST IN BED !!!. To be honest the only thing I wish is it was longer, I didn’t want to leave. Loved the activities planned out down to the BBQ and Bonfire night . And I also got the chance to take so many amazing pictures.

I would definitely do this again …Ciao.



  1. My heart! Look at the beauty! My heart literally skipped a beat when I got to the wiki warm springs pictures. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Having a bad case of FOMO but it’s all good. One day I’ll get to visit Yankari too and cuff one of thos Globe Jaunters passport!


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