My trip to Gurara Falls, Niger State by Chay Chay

It’s 7am and I was still struggling to get out of bed (I really didn’t want to). We were scheduled to leave Abuja at 9am, but as a Nigerian, being punctual wasn’t part of my plans. Well, I was finally ready to leave my house by a few minutes to 9, then I got a call from Globe Jaunters and I said “i’m almost there” – sorry I lied (sad face).

Luckily I got to the meeting point in 14 minutes and the bus didn’t leave me behind. I finally got a customised globe Jaunters bag, with some goodies in it, yaaaaay!

Yes that’s me

The journey to Gurara Falls lasted for about 2 hours (not so sure, I didn’t keep track), the music in the bus was great (so I couldn’t sleep as planned) and there was a lot to see on the way (…like Zuma Rock).


We finally got to Gurara Falls and it was time to go downhill (where the fun actually happens).

p.s – Not a lot of pictures of the ‘downhill’ experience – you need no distractions to get to the bottom, successfully.

We finally get to the bottom and I see Gurara Falls for the first time, God is so awesome. It’s the dry season and the place is completely dry with very hot rocks (see videos on Instagram and Facebook on @globeJauntersnigeria)

First Glance – isn’t nature beautiful?

It was time for some rock climbing and I wasn’t gonna dull myself. The rocks were hot and it was kind of scary but I wanted to see the waterfall (sorry, water trickles) hence the Israelite Journey.


We walked, jumped, walked some more

After jumping a few rocks and leaning on my fellow Jaunters, I made it.

I know what you are thinking

I promise you, the plan was to get to the top, but sometimes you just have to know when to stop…(LOL, if you get the joke).

Well, Here’s a picture of myself and my buddy…..for your viewing pleasure and to take your mind off the fact that I did not climb.


It was now time for some refreshment, games and more games…

It was an amazing experience, I got to meet and network with cool people. Special thanks to Globe Jaunters for making this happen.

And here’s a picture of Zuma Rock, incase you haven’t seen it before… I actually just want you to see it, so it doesn’t waste on my phone.

This is zuma rock


Chay Chay


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