The Visa Clinic – My Crazy Immigration Story Part 1

Hello people,

On this episode of the Visa Clinic, we are compiling crazy Immigration stories.

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Na wa oo !!

“I returned to Lagos from school in Colorado for the Christmas holidays on Dec. 25, 2009. That same day, a Nigerian terrorist attempted to blow up a plane with a bomb in his underpants. So, going back to school in the new year was a pain. I missed ALL my flights because I was automatically profiled and sent in for secondary screenings. I got to school about a day late from the backlog of flights”- F

Tip: Stop being Nigerian


stuck at the airport.jpeg
Me and my “maybe they will change their minds about our bags” clique

“I once did a two way flight to Dubai and America. I landed in Dubai and tried to get my bags to board another airline to Nigeria and realized I couldn’t because we couldn’t get to baggage reclaim as I would need to go through immigration and stamp out my visa. Long story short, I had to pay 400Dirhams to get my bag transferred,it was a nightmare because what if i didn’t have money.                                                          

We also tried to get a visa & the immigration officer said with disgust “Nigerians can’t get a visa on arrival”- B                                                                                                  



murtala mohammhed.jpeg
This was how I felt sha

“Refused departure at Murtala International Airport – This started as a joke when an angry looking lady  (she’s actually a monster ) at the Emirate  desk began to ask me some questions about my travel plans which I found way beyond her scope of work. As a result,  I questioned her and demanded to know the reasons for all the questions.  Suddenly,  she said I needed $2000 dollars Personal Travel Allowance.  At this point,  I had to go to one of her supervisor to demand an answer to all the madness. The supervisor was on her side.  So I got on the phone to Emirates office , they  intervened and I was cleared to go. I had like 30mins to cross the Immigration desks  to get to departure gate. On getting to where I needed to stamp my exit stamp at Nigeria immigration,  I was asked the same thing again; Where is your Personal Travel allowance?  I said I have my bank card,   all inclusive holidays booked. ….so, can you tell me what I needed $2000 for? I was asked  to go to one side where I met some Nigerians whom  I suspected were  in the same “shit” as I was. Remember,  I had 30mins to get to the departure gate…well, your guess was as good as mine.  The plane had left and I was refused departure.  That’s not even the issue,  I wasn’t allowed to leave the airport until later because I had to fill a form or something.  My take on this is,  Nigerians working at the airports are very wicked and lack good human relations. I have zero tolerance for side kicks or bribe. Hence, I was refused departure.  I later traveled after I paid Emirates to change my travel  date. 

Tip:  staff at the airport can screw you over if they want to. Some of them are just wicked and evil.  Be prepared to encounter some animals who have no emotion or sympathy of any sort.  But if you are not immune to bribe,  you will be okay at Nigeria airports.

Happy Travels” – Mr C


Last Last, nothing dey the body, buhahahahaha

I was on the British Airways 8am flight from Abuja to Heathrow. Personally I like to travel in the most comfortable way possible. So I had my shorts on, a v-neck shirt and my small gold chain. At the security point, practically everyone there (male and female) asked to see my documents. Looking to be sure I was the real owner of the documents. Anyways this particular guy collects my passport, looks at everything for a hot minute. Feeling like some kind of “mind reader” he goes ” I want to recommend you for a full body scan”. I couldn’t help but laugh. So I was taken to a room right there in the airport, the technician told me to stand on the machine, legs apart and arms fully stretched out. Long story short, I had nothing on my body. I returned to the man for my passport, he kept on looking at me suspiciously. Kinda like he was sure I shouldn’t be going to London lol” – MOF

Tip: These people like to waste your time so just do what they want with a big fat annoying smile.


You did not hear that our friend likes you or what are you saying???

“Coming back from Cotonou, went through passport control at MMIA and all was good. But as I walked away, another officer called me back and asked to see my passport. He then asked if I was married. I said yes (God forgive my lie). He asked if I had children. i said no. He then said “if I put my own pikin inside you first then you will become my wife”. I spent like 10mins trying to convince this man to leave my bele for my husband before giving a fake number and running to retrieve my luggage” -B

Tip: Sometimes being a woman is not so bad afterall


 How I walked up to them Vs what they actually saw

The struggle of traveling as a black woman with natural hair. In September 2009, I got a new passport. My passport picture had me with long straight hair. In January 2010 I went natural and shaved my hair. That’s when the wahala started. I was kept for questioning at American immigration, in Dubai I was advised to wear a wig to travel to avoid issues, in Sweden I was told I would have to provide alternative official identification other than my passport (which was problematic because my driver’s license also had me with straight hair) and in Slovenia my passport was passed through at least 10 officers on the night train at the border crossing and examined very closely with a magnifying glass to verify I was not an illegal immigrant travellng with a forged passport. Oh the struggles!

Tip: Always take an alternative form of ID

We hope we you have laughed and also learned from other people’s experiences.

Every country differs in their rules and the immigration officer has the right to question you and detain you if he or she is not satisfied wit your responses.

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Watch out for part 2, to God be the Glory.


2 Replies to “The Visa Clinic – My Crazy Immigration Story Part 1”

  1. LOOOL! I can relate. Same happened when I was going to London from MMIA, the officer literally scattered my whole boxes like I was carrying drugs or something and it was a struggle arranging it back. On top that, MedView delayed our flight from 11AM to 6:30PM!


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